Why choose FPT? It's simple.​

  • Most patients notice significant improvement within 2-6 visits
  • Frederick Physical Therapy, Inc. is a "no contract" private practice
  • Offers a hands-on approach that does NOT revert to standardized physical therapy (exercise-like) tactics
  • FPT accepts all major insurances, including affordable self-pay rates. If patient is worried about current financial situation, our staff will work out an individualized payment plan to best suit your budget
  • An in-depth analysis of the body's diagnosis is explained to patients during the initial evaluation, and is continued with patient progression
  • Receptionist understands and knows ASL, which welcomes in our deaf and hard of hearing communities!
  • FPT offers a range of manual PT techniques that best suit patients needs and differing pain severity. NO CONDITION IS TOO SEVERE TO TREAT!

  • Tired of the medication rituals?
  • Tired of using stationary exercise machines? Tired of feeling no relief?
  • Tired of searching for a beneficial physical therapy clinic to relieve your tension, aches, strains, and restrictions?

Frederick Physical Therapy, INC. was established in 2001 by Mike Schmitt, MPT.