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     Frederick Physical Therapy, INC. (FPT) therapists and staff take pride in our high-quality services, in addition to excellent customer service to provide all patients with not only a positive experience, but an overall increased sense of relief and fulfillment in everyday life. FPT therapists perform manual physical therapy techniques that guide the patient to regain their health's full potential within a timely manner. The duration and severity of ones pain will result in the timeliness of rehabilitation; most patients notice a significant decrease in pain, tension, aches, etc., after the first-to-third appointment, following the initial evaluation.    

          Our therapists stay up to date and perform manual physical therapy techniques branching from osteopathic medicine, which is what also separates our practice from others. We believe each patient should thoroughly understand what causes their aches, tension, pain, loss of mobilization, etc., thus being explained using human anatomy models, our hands-on approach, and numerous books that contain key information regarding the body. Most patients will come to realize their current pain has stemmed from a past (related or unrelated) mishap that was never given the proper rehabilitation, and/or an incident that may affect the body over a longitudinal period.

         Frederick Physical Therapy, INC. uses a variety of hands-on techniques that cover all ranges of pain severity, in addition to the use of some physical therapy equipment (products are for sale- only sold to FPT patients). FPT therapists and staff rest assured the outcome of receiving our manual physical therapy treatment will correlate to a brighter future. FPT now has four therapists that allows all patients to be seen regularly. Feel free to browse our website and become familiar with the services we provide. If any questions, comments or concerns arise, please do not hesitate to contact our team; we would be delighted to speak with you.

         Once again, Frederick Physical Therapy believes we provide the most efficient and effective hands-on approach to ensure a rapid and timely rehabilitation process. No injury or condition is too severe to treat. You are more than welcome to check back later for upcoming updates, employment opportunities, and additions to our website. There's much more to come!

(above) Jean-Pierre Barral, DO, MRO(F), PT , world renowned French Osteopath, demonstrates his very own Visceral Manipulation (VM) techniques

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FPT Receptionist Alicia uses American Sign Language to communicate with our deaf and hard of hearing patients. no translator needed